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Alcohol may be related to the deaths of beach house victims

By Ryan Prescher

Alcohol was found in six out of the seven college students that were killed in October in a beach house fire in North Carolina, the CNN.com article “Alcohol found in 6 victims of beach house fire? by the Associated Press stated. Even though alcohol was found in their systems, the prosecutor does not believe drinking played a role in the deaths. The blood-alcohol levels ranged from .16 percent to .29 percent, the article stated. The legal level is .08 percent, and Dr. John Butts, the state’s chief medical examiner believes the alcohol levels may have affected the students’ coordination, the article stated. There was no trace of alcohol in the seventh victim, and six other students staying at the house were able to escape the blaze.

The CNN.com article is well done. There are several sources to support the information that was provided. In addition, the article gives information about the fire that happened as a refresher to readers, and it gives an update on the investigation. According to the article, it is believed that the six students died from carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. In addition, the article stated that investigators have not ruled out improperly discarded cigarettes.

Another news source that reported this development was MSNBC.com. The article “Examiner: Beach house fire victims intoxicated? by the Associated Press is almost exactly alike. The only difference between the CNN.com source and the MSNBC.com source is that MSNBC.com included a video and special interview with the seventh victim.

There were very few other sources on this incident.