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Another food recall

By Ryan Prescher

More than 1 million pounds of ground beef are being recalled today, the CNN.com article “Million pounds of beef recalled? by the Associated Press said. The “giant agribusiness? company Cargill Inc. that is based in Wayzata is doing the recall. The company stated that it believes ground beef produced October 8-11 may be contaminated with E. coli bacteria, the article said. The meat was produced at Cargill Meat Solutions plant in Wyalusing, Penn. and distributed to retailers primarily on the East Coast. The affected retailers include Giant, Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, Wegmans and Weis in Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The recall was prompted by the Agriculture Department after they found a problem with a sample beef that contained the bacterium E. coli o157:H7. According to the article, this type of bacteria can be avoided if the meat is cooked at 160 degrees or more. If the meat is not, the E. coli can cause “deadly…bloody diarrhea and dehydration?.

Food recalls seem to be popular lately. Chicken potpies, frozen pizzas, chicken and now ground beef, again. Regardless, this issue is extremely serious. The CNN.com article did a great job of reporting the news and explaining the importance of the issue. By incorporating “bloody diarrhea and dehydration?, this makes the issue important enough that most would probably check their recently purchased ground beef. The article used the USDA as its number one source. The article gives specific information on who is likely affected, where the meat was produced and purchased. In addition, the article explains the health risks and tasks to avoid being contaminated. Lastly, the article contains interesting information about the company Cargill, Inc. Apparently Cargill Meat Solutions is based in Wichita, Kansas, but Cargill, Inc. is based in Wayzata, Minnesota. Are you confused? I am too. This article does not explain the difference. Regardless, this issue is important, and the article gives enough information for people to find out if they are affected by the recall.

Another source that had information regarding the recall was MSNBC.com. The article “1 million pounds of beef recalled on e-coli fears? also by the AP, is very similar. The article is almost word for word. The main source is the USDA, and the article gives specific information on the health risks of E. coli and tasks to avoid it. The article, however, is not as specific on the states affected by the recall; it only states the retailers that may have sold the beef. Similarly, to the CNN.com article, this article contains the same confusing information about Cargill Inc. and Cargill Solutions. I am still uncertain about the difference. While this article is almost word for word, for the most part, the MSNBC.com article contains an entire list of the specific products being recalled. There are at least 30 products on the list, and each product listed contains the specific name, pounds, health factors (lean, extra lean, etc.), where the product was purchased, and when it should be frozen by.