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Cruise ship strikes ice in Antarctica

By Ryan Prescher

A cruise ship with more than 150 passengers and crew aboard is believed to have collided with an iceberg near Antarctica, the CNN.com article “Sinking ship ‘struck iceberg’? by the Associated Press, stated. All were rescued and there have been no injuries reported. They were forced to evacuate the boat and travel on lifeboats in sub-zero water, the article stated. A Norwegian cruise ship MS Nord Norge took the passengers and crew to King George Island in the South Shetlands. The ship was on its 12th day of a 19-day tour when it struck a large “submerged piece of ice? around 10 p.m. ET Thursday. Several nationalities were aboard including 14 Americans. It is uncertain if the ship will sink, but there is a hole the size of a fist and there is some cracking, the article stated. Gap Adventures, based in Toronto, Canada, owns the ship.

The CNN.com article was very choppy. There did not seem to be a flow to the article. Instead, I felt like the article simply stated random facts without any real theme or angle. While this is a breaking news story, there could have been more organization. In addition, to the lack of organization, I felt like the story was missing more information from important sources. For example, there is very little information from the officials and company that owns the ship.

Another source that reported on this story was MSNBC.com. The article “Stricken cruise ship off Antarctica evacuated? also by the AP is entirely different. First, the beginning section of the article contains many of the same facts, but the organization is much better. In addition, the article has several quotes from Susan Hayes of G.A.P. Adventures of Toronto about the safety of the passengers and the rescue mission-taking place now. In addition, the article includes several statements from the British Coast Guard, the U.S. Coast Guard and Argentinean Coast Guard about what happened, the position of the boat and thoughts about will happen to the boat.