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Cyclone in Bangladesh leaves several dead and many injured

By Ryan Prescher

Death tolls are expected to rise today, after a large cyclone made landfall on the western coast of Bangladesh Thursday night, the CNN.com article “Cyclone death toll hits 1,700? by the Associated Press said. A total of 1,723 people have been confirmed dead, the article said. Aid workers expect to find “scores more bodies? in remote villages where large numbers of people live. In addition, there are more than 15,000 people injured, and thousands displaced and missing, the article stated.

The cyclone, which made landfall Thursday, sustained winds of more than 131 mph, sending floodwaters inland. The Bangladesh air force, army and navy are working to provide assistance to all of those affected, the article stated. More than 280,000 families have been classified as homeless, and a large amount of the rice-crop and livestock was destroyed, the article stated.

Several world organizations are helping with this aftermath such as World Vision and the U.N. World Vision is sending 135 staffers and 7,000 volunteers. In addition, the group is hoping to send $1.5 in aid, the article stated. The U.N. World Food Programme confirms they have enough “high-energy biscuits to feed 400,000 people for several days.? The U.S. Department of State also stated to aid in the effort to help those affected by the storm, the article stated.

The CNN.com article is quite extensive and covers several different aspects of the storm. The destruction of the storm is mentioned, descriptions of the storm are given, and lastly, the aid efforts are mentioned. Several sources are included using many CNN correspondents and the Bangladesh government. In addition to the article, CNN has maps, photos and a video to coincide with the article.

Another news source that included information about the cyclone in Bangladesh was MSNBC.com. The article “Bangladesh cyclone death toll tops 1,700? by the AP, contains many of the same facts about the death tolls and number of injured. While the article was provided by the AP, the article is entirely different the CNN.com article. This article has more emphasis on what actually happened during the storm. There are witness accounts and descriptions that the CNN.com article lacks. Similarly, to the CNN article, this one also includes extensive information about what is now being done to provide aid and assistance.