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School shooting in Finland reportedly kills 7

By Ryan Prescher

In a breaking news story out of Tuusula, Finland Wednesday morning, at least seven people died from gunfire at a school only hours after a video was posted on YouTube predicting the massacre. The MSNBC.com article “7 killed in Finnish school shooting, official says,? reported that medical response leader Eero Hirbensalo told the Associated Press that seven people were dead, one person was “severely injured? and 10 other people had minor injuries. The video that appeared on YouTube showed a school similar to the Tuusula school with a man in red pointing the gun at the camera. One of the victims shot was the school principal. The article states that despite the third-largest per capita ratio handgun ownership in the world, Finland sees very little violence in the schools.

The MSNBC.com article was one of the few sources that contained any in-depth information about the shooting. It was extremely in-depth considering how recent the news broke. One concern I have is that the article did not state what happened to the shooter. Despite this error, the article contained two additional sources other than the authorities. In addition, the article gave eyewitness accounts of the shooting from teachers and provided additional background information about gun violence in Finland.

Very few sources had any mentioning of this breaking news. For example, Reuters and ABCnews.com did not have any mentioning of it when I checked at 9:45 a.m. The only other source that I could find that had information about the shooting was CNN.com. The article “Report: 3 dead in school shooting? by the Associated Press was one of the shortest articles that I have seen to date. The article was two sentences long, and only contained speculations about how many people were killed. The article used Finland newspapers and stated that police confirmed there was a shooting but declined to speak. It seems like this story was published right after the news broke. It was posted 4 hours and 49 minutes ago, and there has not been an update since. It is likely that CNN.com is working on an update in order to provide more information to readers and viewers and most importantly, to compete with other publication sources.