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Woman kills two kids in convenience store

By Ryan Prescher

A 22-year-old woman in Augusta, Georgia killed her two children in a convenience store bathroom on Thursday, the Atlanta station, WSB-TV 2 News, reported in “Police: Mom stabs, kills her two children.? The children were taken into the bathroom with their mother, Jeanette Michelle Hawes, where police believe she stabbed them to death with a steak knife. A worker at the Food Mart store reported hearing a scream from the bathroom and called police. Jordon Hawes, 1, and Shakayla Hawes, 3, were pronounced dead upon arrival at a nearby hospital. Jeanette was charged with two counts of murder and with possession of a knife, the article stated.

The article from the Atlanta area news station did a very good job in reporting this news story. While this was likely the first reporting of this incident, with all the additional witness reports, it almost seems like a follow up story. This story included many sources, many of which are witnesses, which ultimately could take away credibility. Overall, the most important information is provided right away in the article, and there are additional facts and accounts stated throughout the story.

The news outlet, CNN.com, sourced WRDW-TV News out of Augusta. The article “Witnesses in shock after mother stabs toddlers to death? by Lynnsey Gardner, contains much of the same information, but like many stories, the information is in a different order. In addition, there are some disputing facts such as when the children were pronounced dead. This story also includes many witness accounts, but the quotes that are used are extremely long. Overall, the information contained in the story is similar, and most of the sources are witness accounts.