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Woodbury Kowalski’s closes after fire

By Ryan Prescher

The Woodbury Kowalski store is closed this week after a fire in the generator room on Sunday, the KSTP.com article “Fire closes Woodbury Kowalski’s on eve of Holiday rush? by Nicole Muehlhausen stated. Everything in the store, including canned goods, were thrown out, the article stated. It is believed that damage totals could reach $1 million. The owner, Jim Kowalski, commented that the store had been fully stocked for Thanksgiving. According to the article, the backup generator turned on after an electrical outage on Sunday and ignited something nearby. Many of the “non-perishable? items are being transported to other locations in northern Minnesota to be sold as damaged goods. Kowalski stated the store should be open by Sunday afternoon.

The KSTP.com article did a reasonable job in reporting this news. It was unclear if this news story was covered earlier in the week, but this article was more like a news feature. While the article started with a hard news lead, the majority of the article was based off what Jim Kowalski stated. The focus was not necessarily on the fire, but on the impact or loss of the fire. In addition, the article included other information such as what may have caused the fire and where some of the canned goods are being transported. The article also touched on the fact that this week is one of the busiest for grocery stores.

Another source that included a story about this fire was the Star Tribune. The article “Woodbury grocery fire won’t stop the turkey? by Kevin Giles, leads with a much different angle. The Star Tribune article states that people who ordered turkeys through Kowalski’s will still get them, but the store is closed. The article used Mike Oase, the company’s vice president of operations, as the main source. The article does not mention anything about all the food that was thrown out. In fact, the article states that besides the workrooms, there was no further damage. The article also states where customers can find another Kowalski’s store. This article seems to be lacking a lot of additional information that is important to the overall story.