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Double murder in Minneapolis

By Ryan Prescher

Minneapolis Police were called to a south Minneapolis apartment building Saturday where an argument led to the shooting death of two men, the Star Tribune article “Argument led to two shooting deaths? by Jim Adams stated. The double homicide took place at the 3100 block of Pleasant Avenue S. around 7:30 a.m. Police found a man’s body in the hall of the apartment, and a second man ran out of the building and died in a nearby ally from his gunshot wounds, the article stated. Police believe the shooting does not appear to be random, and that neighbors are not in danger of a gunman in the area. There is still some uncertainty if anyone else was involved and whether or not there were weapons recovered. No one is in custody at this time, and police are still investigating.

The Star Tribune article did a reasonable job reporting on the many aspects of this case. There is a specific location, which other sources did not mention. In addition, there is more bulk to the story. While there is a lot of information that is obviously not known at this time, the reporter tried to make it reader friendly and interesting. The only major drawback in the story is the lack of sources. The only main attribution in the article is police. It would be nice to have that people aspect. I am sure there were many worried and upset neighbors nearby.

Another source that included an article about the south side double homicide was WCCO.com. The article “Two killed in Minneapolis double-homicide? by the Associated Press reports much of the same information and uses police as its main source. One major difference is that there is no interesting quality to the article. There are four sentences, and that is it. It almost seems like bits and pieces were taken from another article then compiled together. This article is choppy and not very reader friendly.