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ETA of Spain responsible for the shooting of two guardsmen in France

By Ryan Prescher

A Spanish civil guard died and another was wounded after being shot by members of the Basque group ETA in southern France, a BBCnews.com article “ETA blamed for killing in France? stated. The two men were participating in a “joint surveillance operation? with French police against ETA suspects, the article stated. The two “plain-clothed officers? were gunned down from a close range as they were entering their cars outside a restaurant. This is the first death that has been linked to the ETA since the group ended a ceasefire in June. There was another ceasefire in March 2006, but the group broke it in December 2006 when two people were killed in a car bombing at the Madrid airport, the article stated.

BBCnews.com reported this story in a very informative manner. Not only were facts about the shooting presented, the article included a mountain of additional information about the ETA group that some readers may not have known. In addition, there are several sources from French and Spanish police forces to interior ministers. This article contains more quotes than I think most American based news stories have, and the quotes seem to be much longer than what is normally the standard in the States.

Another source that included information about the ETA killings was CNN.com. The article “ETA gunmen kill Spanish guard? by Al Goodman is surprisingly very informative. The article contains all of the same information that the BBC article contained such as the locations, names, etc. In addition, this article contained a piece of information that the BBC news failed to report, which was that there were three ETA suspects, and immediately after the shooting, they held a French woman and her son hostage, but quickly released them. Although this article does not contain nearly as much quotes and sources as the other source, it is easier to read and contains the information about the ETA group that is necessary to understanding the context of the story.