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South Korean coast affected by large oil spill

By Ryan Prescher

Due to a damaged supertanker, an oil spill is affecting the shoreline of South Korea’s western coast, the CNN.com article “Spill oozes onto S. Korean coast? by the Associated Press stated. The coastline, which is about 95 miles southwest of Seoul, and is popular for its scenic beaches, fish farms, national maritime park and resting stop for migrating birds. More than 2.7 million gallons of oil poured into the ocean Friday from a 146,000-ton Hong Kong supertanker after a barge carrying a crane slammed into it, the article stated. Dozens of South Korean ships were dispatched Friday to contain the spill, but strong winds spread the oil spill to an area about 1 mile wide and 10 miles long. The ship company stated that the ship was moving from a construction site, lost control after a wire linking it to the tugboat was cut due to high winds, waves and currents. Many aspects of the incident are still being investigated, the article stated.

This unfortunate event is the most recent of many oil spills it seems like. The CNN.com article did a reasonable job in reporting this incident. It was rather long considering how much information is likely unknown right now. Most of the paragraphs were much longer than most other paragraphs in a normal story. Regardless, I thought it was interesting that the reporter described the area of the spill in such detail. By specifically explaining what the area is known for, it made the article and incident all that much more captivating. In addition, it was nice to see so much information on what the coast guard has been doing to restrict the spill from spreading. Many sources were included, and there was a lot of background information about other oil spills.

Another source that included an article about the spill was MSNBC.com. The article “South Koreans struggle to clean up ‘sea of oil’? also by the Associated Press, started out with a much more anecdotal lead than the CNN.com article. The information is the same, but the really big difference is that the first sentence is much more captivating. The reporter set the tone and scene for what information would follow. In addition, this article used similar descriptions for the beach area that is affected, but this came much later in the article instead of right away after the lead. This article included many of the same sources, but it appears that MSNBC.com did some reporting on their own as well. A few environmental activists are quoted in the article. Lastly, this article also has the same extensive background information about previous spills.