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Teen shot outside Minneapolis high school

By Ryan Prescher

A teenager was shot outside Roosevelt High School in south Minneapolis Thursday night, the WCCO.com article “Teen shot, possibly in face, outside Mpls. H.S.? stated. The shooting occurred at 40th Street and 28th Avenue at about 9 p.m., and police are still looking for suspects. Police believe that a group of young men were standing in the parking lot after a basketball game at the school, and someone from about 500 feet away came and shot them. A bullet hit one young man, possibly in the face. A spokesman for the Minneapolis Public Schools said the student that was shot is not attending public schools in the district. The young man was taken to HCMC, and his injuries are not life threatening. Police are still investigating.

The WCCO.com article was, surprisingly, well written. Usually, I find WCCO.com articles poorly written, primarily because there are so many spelling errors and because they lack sources. This time, it seems like a reporter got it right. I wasn’t able to find this story on KSTP.com, which is where I usually get most of my news. The article used the inverted pyramid lead, and provided the most important facts immediately in the article. It was nice to see sources such as witnesses, police and even a Minneapolis Public School spokesman.

Another source that had an article about the shooting was the Star Tribune. The article “Teen shot outside Roosevelt High School? by Tim Harlow contains many of the same facts, but the order and the style of the writing makes the information easier to understand and read. This story used similar sources such as the Minneapolis Police and the spokesman for the Minneapolis Public Schools; however, this article also used the assistant superintendent of Emergency Response and Crisis Management. While I consider this article far superior to the WCCO.com article, there are a few places where attributions are missing. The first paragraph starts out with the Minneapolis Park Police (not sure if he meant just Minneapolis Police), but the second part, where most of the information about the shooting is given, has no source. This mistake is very rare within the Star Tribune and is usually left to the broadcast news stations such as WCCO.