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Two window washers fall 47 floors in New York City

By Ryan Prescher

As two window washers stepped onto the scaffold from the roof of a 47-story apartment Friday morning in New York City’s Upper East Side, it fell straight to the plaza below, the MSNBC.com article “NYC window washer dies after 47-floor plunge? by the Associated Press stated. Both of the men were brothers. One, Edgar Moreno, 30, died at the scene. His 37-year-old brother was taken to a hospital in critical condition. New York authorities are still investigating why the scaffold failed. About three hours after the accident, a piece of glass from a window on the top floor, where the scaffold had been attached, fell to the ground. No one was hurt, authorities said. According to data from the federal bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2006, 43 construction workers died on the job in New York. In 2005, 23 people died.

The MSNBC.com article comes only three days after a Minneapolis man died after falling 5 to 6 floors at the IDS building. This article paints the reality that life can change very quickly. The beginning of the article started with the most important information such as where did it happen, what took place and unfortunately, who died. There were several sources listed, and many statements from the company that employed the two men. In addition, the article also included statistics about how many workers have died in New York City construction.

Another source that included information about this unfortunate incident was CNN.com. The only form of information that I found was a breaking news video titled “Window washers fall 43 stories.? There was no article in attachment with the video, and not all of the information provided with the video was confirmed. The video was added on Friday right after the incident happened, and CNN has not updated it since. For example, information in the title is wrong. The building was actually 47 stories. In addition, the video has only two people, both of whom are reporters. The reporter that is on the scene and providing the information was able to get some facts confirmed by the New York City Fire Department, but there is a lot of information still missing.