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Von Maur store in Eden Prairie closes early after threat

By Ryan Prescher

This was certainly a slow weekend for news. I think it’s safe to assume that crime is down due to the cold. Only a couple of news stories were important enough for several news sources to publish. One that caught my attention this morning was the closing of the Eden Prairie Von Maur store. The Pioneer Press article “Eden Prairie Von Maur store receives threat, closes Saturday night? by Nick Ferraro stated that the store closed after a threat was called in around 6 p.m. Saturday. Considering what happened earlier in the week where a gunman shot and killed eight people and then himself at a Von Maur store in Omaha, authorities did not want to mess around. After the call was received, store managers and Eden Prairie Police evacuated and closed the store for the rest of the evening. Police will continue to investigate the case, the article stated.

Almost all of the news sources in the metro had an article about this incident, but the Pioneer Press was the only publication that had a reporter who contributed to the story. Everyone else used the AP story. This article had specific quotes and more information than most other articles. For example, the article starts with specific details of what happened, and there is a quote from the Eden Prairie Sgt. Bill Wyffels, then there is specific information about where the story is located and why this incident was treated the way it was. Lastly, the article explains that police are still investigating, and the threat did not appear to be anything really serious.

A couple other news outlets that had this story were WCCO.com, KSTP.com and the Star Tribune. They all used the same AP story, and while much of the information was the same, the article was incredibly short. There was only one source, which was the police, and there were very few quotes. Overall, it is slightly disappointing to see that none of the other news stations did more to enhance this story, especially considering what took place earlier this week. The Pioneer Press did a reasonable job in making the story important and providing quotes. Most importantly, the Pioneer Press made the article important without over doing it.