December 8, 2007

Two window washers fall 47 floors in New York City

By Ryan Prescher

As two window washers stepped onto the scaffold from the roof of a 47-story apartment Friday morning in New York City’s Upper East Side, it fell straight to the plaza below, the article “NYC window washer dies after 47-floor plunge? by the Associated Press stated. Both of the men were brothers. One, Edgar Moreno, 30, died at the scene. His 37-year-old brother was taken to a hospital in critical condition. New York authorities are still investigating why the scaffold failed. About three hours after the accident, a piece of glass from a window on the top floor, where the scaffold had been attached, fell to the ground. No one was hurt, authorities said. According to data from the federal bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2006, 43 construction workers died on the job in New York. In 2005, 23 people died.

The article comes only three days after a Minneapolis man died after falling 5 to 6 floors at the IDS building. This article paints the reality that life can change very quickly. The beginning of the article started with the most important information such as where did it happen, what took place and unfortunately, who died. There were several sources listed, and many statements from the company that employed the two men. In addition, the article also included statistics about how many workers have died in New York City construction.

Another source that included information about this unfortunate incident was The only form of information that I found was a breaking news video titled “Window washers fall 43 stories.? There was no article in attachment with the video, and not all of the information provided with the video was confirmed. The video was added on Friday right after the incident happened, and CNN has not updated it since. For example, information in the title is wrong. The building was actually 47 stories. In addition, the video has only two people, both of whom are reporters. The reporter that is on the scene and providing the information was able to get some facts confirmed by the New York City Fire Department, but there is a lot of information still missing.

November 30, 2007

Woman kills two kids in convenience store

By Ryan Prescher

A 22-year-old woman in Augusta, Georgia killed her two children in a convenience store bathroom on Thursday, the Atlanta station, WSB-TV 2 News, reported in “Police: Mom stabs, kills her two children.? The children were taken into the bathroom with their mother, Jeanette Michelle Hawes, where police believe she stabbed them to death with a steak knife. A worker at the Food Mart store reported hearing a scream from the bathroom and called police. Jordon Hawes, 1, and Shakayla Hawes, 3, were pronounced dead upon arrival at a nearby hospital. Jeanette was charged with two counts of murder and with possession of a knife, the article stated.

The article from the Atlanta area news station did a very good job in reporting this news story. While this was likely the first reporting of this incident, with all the additional witness reports, it almost seems like a follow up story. This story included many sources, many of which are witnesses, which ultimately could take away credibility. Overall, the most important information is provided right away in the article, and there are additional facts and accounts stated throughout the story.

The news outlet,, sourced WRDW-TV News out of Augusta. The article “Witnesses in shock after mother stabs toddlers to death? by Lynnsey Gardner, contains much of the same information, but like many stories, the information is in a different order. In addition, there are some disputing facts such as when the children were pronounced dead. This story also includes many witness accounts, but the quotes that are used are extremely long. Overall, the information contained in the story is similar, and most of the sources are witness accounts.

November 25, 2007

2-year-old girl in box identified

By Ryan Prescher

The body of a 2-year-old girl that washed ashore in a box in October in Galveston, Texas has been identified, the article “Police identify girl found dead in box; arrests made? by Hank Bishop stated. The child that was nicknamed “Baby Grace? has been identified as 2-year-old Riley Ann Sawyers. Authorities are certain this is true, but they are still waiting for more DNA tests, the article stated. The girl’s mother and another person have been arrested the article stated. They have been charged with “injury to child and tampering with physical evidence?, and bonds have been set at $350,000 each.

The article was very well written. It not only included specific information about the identity of the child and arrests that were made, but the article also included a lot of background information about what initially occurred a month ago. There are several sources listed in the article. In addition, the article has an explanation for why authorities deemed the nickname for the case “Baby Grace?. The authorities and community have been deeply affected by this incident, and the article makes this point very clear.

Another source that included an article about the new information in this case was The article “Charges in Child Case: Is it ‘Baby Grace?’? by Angela K. Brown stated much of the same information, but in a different order. This article follows the inverted pyramid method while the other article is more like a follow up story. In addition, this reporter interviewed family members of the mother that was arrested. The child’s grandfather and father, who live in Ohio, stated that authorities asked them not to comment, but the father stated he is still hoping his daughter is not “Baby Grace?. This article did not include as much information about what initially took place in October, which is necessary to explain the importance behind the believed identification.

November 17, 2007

Alcohol may be related to the deaths of beach house victims

By Ryan Prescher

Alcohol was found in six out of the seven college students that were killed in October in a beach house fire in North Carolina, the article “Alcohol found in 6 victims of beach house fire? by the Associated Press stated. Even though alcohol was found in their systems, the prosecutor does not believe drinking played a role in the deaths. The blood-alcohol levels ranged from .16 percent to .29 percent, the article stated. The legal level is .08 percent, and Dr. John Butts, the state’s chief medical examiner believes the alcohol levels may have affected the students’ coordination, the article stated. There was no trace of alcohol in the seventh victim, and six other students staying at the house were able to escape the blaze.

The article is well done. There are several sources to support the information that was provided. In addition, the article gives information about the fire that happened as a refresher to readers, and it gives an update on the investigation. According to the article, it is believed that the six students died from carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. In addition, the article stated that investigators have not ruled out improperly discarded cigarettes.

Another news source that reported this development was The article “Examiner: Beach house fire victims intoxicated? by the Associated Press is almost exactly alike. The only difference between the source and the source is that included a video and special interview with the seventh victim.

There were very few other sources on this incident.

November 6, 2007

More children toys recalled

By Ryan Prescher

On Tuesday, Mattel Inc. recalled more than 172,000 Fisher-Price kitchen toys in the United States and Europe, the article “Mattel recalls over 172,000 Fisher-Price toys? by the Associated Press said. The company stated that several children choked and gagged on small, detachable parts from the Laugh & Learn Kitchen toy set. Exactly, 48 cases were reported, and one child needed the Heimlich maneuver in order to remove the part. In total, the recall involves 155,000 toys sold in the United States, 7,000 in Britain, 4,900 in Italy, 4,900 in Germany and 394 in Austria. The toys were made in Mexico and sold between May and October.

The article by was reported well and contained the most important information regarding the recall. In addition to the statement of the recall, the article uses Scott Wolfson, Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesman, to add importance to the recall. “Small parts choking hazards with toys is one of the most serious dangers to children in the United State,? Wolfson said. “This should send a message to parents to take this toy away from the child immediately.? The article specifically states why the toy is being recalled and how many cases were reported. Lastly, the article provides basic information about the toy maker Mattel and previous toy recalls involving their company. There is a number listed at the end of the article for parents and consumers with concerns about the recall.

Another news source that contained information about the recall was The article “Fisher-Price recalls 155,000 toys for choking risk? is similar to the article, in which it contains the same specific information about the recall. Some additional information that CNN included was the product’s item number L5067, and the retail price that the product was likely purchased at. Also, the article includes information the consumers can contact Fisher-Price for a free repair kit.


Both articles contained several numbers. The numbers used were primarily to explain the number of products sold in the United States and to the other European countries. In addition to the number of products, numerals were also used to explain phone numbers, pricing, time, ID labels, and total number of cases. While this article did not contain medians, mediums or averages, it did include more numbers than most news stories. In both stories, the sentences that contained numerals were easy to read and understand. Both articles used numerals very well in order to explain the situation more coherently.

November 3, 2007

Another food recall

By Ryan Prescher

More than 1 million pounds of ground beef are being recalled today, the article “Million pounds of beef recalled? by the Associated Press said. The “giant agribusiness? company Cargill Inc. that is based in Wayzata is doing the recall. The company stated that it believes ground beef produced October 8-11 may be contaminated with E. coli bacteria, the article said. The meat was produced at Cargill Meat Solutions plant in Wyalusing, Penn. and distributed to retailers primarily on the East Coast. The affected retailers include Giant, Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, Wegmans and Weis in Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The recall was prompted by the Agriculture Department after they found a problem with a sample beef that contained the bacterium E. coli o157:H7. According to the article, this type of bacteria can be avoided if the meat is cooked at 160 degrees or more. If the meat is not, the E. coli can cause “deadly…bloody diarrhea and dehydration?.

Food recalls seem to be popular lately. Chicken potpies, frozen pizzas, chicken and now ground beef, again. Regardless, this issue is extremely serious. The article did a great job of reporting the news and explaining the importance of the issue. By incorporating “bloody diarrhea and dehydration?, this makes the issue important enough that most would probably check their recently purchased ground beef. The article used the USDA as its number one source. The article gives specific information on who is likely affected, where the meat was produced and purchased. In addition, the article explains the health risks and tasks to avoid being contaminated. Lastly, the article contains interesting information about the company Cargill, Inc. Apparently Cargill Meat Solutions is based in Wichita, Kansas, but Cargill, Inc. is based in Wayzata, Minnesota. Are you confused? I am too. This article does not explain the difference. Regardless, this issue is important, and the article gives enough information for people to find out if they are affected by the recall.

Another source that had information regarding the recall was The article “1 million pounds of beef recalled on e-coli fears? also by the AP, is very similar. The article is almost word for word. The main source is the USDA, and the article gives specific information on the health risks of E. coli and tasks to avoid it. The article, however, is not as specific on the states affected by the recall; it only states the retailers that may have sold the beef. Similarly, to the article, this article contains the same confusing information about Cargill Inc. and Cargill Solutions. I am still uncertain about the difference. While this article is almost word for word, for the most part, the article contains an entire list of the specific products being recalled. There are at least 30 products on the list, and each product listed contains the specific name, pounds, health factors (lean, extra lean, etc.), where the product was purchased, and when it should be frozen by.

October 26, 2007

Jury recommends death penalty for woman in Missouri

By Ryan Prescher

Jurors in a federal court on Friday recommended death for a Kansas woman convicted of killing a pregnant mother and taking the baby from the womb, the article “Jury urges death penalty in fetus case? by the Associated Press said. Lisa Montgomery was convicted on Monday of killing Bobbie Jo Stinnett on Dec. 16, 2004 in the small Missouri town of Skidmore. Montgomery was arrested the day after in Melvern, Kan., where she kept the baby as her own.

The article that was written by the AP reports this gruesome crime in an appropriate manner. Although Montgomery was convicted of the crime, the article still kept the bias to a minimum. One drawback of the article is that it lacks sources; the only listed source is the prosecutors. There are no attributions to officials, family members, etc. This article is considered breaking news, and states that it will be updated as information is received.

Another source that reported on this story is’s article “Jurors weep at mom’s sobbing 911 call? also by the AP. This article is not up-to-date. The article was written Thursday morning and focuses on the jury deliberations that took place on Thursday. While the article is not as current as the article, it does contain more sources, quotes, and information about this case. The article starts out with an emotional anecdote about the 911 phone call and the description of jurors weeping. Exact quotes from the 911 tape are included in the story, which adds depth and credibility to the story, but it also adds a feel of bias. In addition to the 911 call, there is much more description of the actual crime. Stinnett’s mother, Beck Harper, and husband, Zeb, are quoted in the story. Montgomery’s daughter, Desiree Boman, is also quoted. Most of the quotes are testimonies. Despite the fact that this article has much more information about the case, the article was very difficult to find.

October 16, 2007

Airport workers at JFK charged for smuggling drugs

By Ryan Prescher

Eighteen airline workers were charged Tuesday with aiding drug traffickers from the Dominican Republic in smuggling heroin and cocaine through John F. Kennedy International Airport, the CNN article “JFK airport workers charged with drug smuggling? by the Associated Press said. Of the 18 charged in the plot, seven employees were from Delta Air Lines, and one employee was from American Airlines. According to the article, airport workers in the Dominican Republic concealed the drugs in luggage that was New York City bound. The individuals at JFK who were charged accepted the bags and put them in a safe place before they were inspected, the article said.

While this may not be the most important news that is currently in all news outlets across the nation, this information should be of great concern to all air travelers, the government, taxpayers, and citizens of the United States. Air travel and air safety is important in this country, and this incident raises questions about how effective the system is and if people are qualified.

The CNN article is simple and not biased. While it does contain some facts, a lot of information is missing. The article does not contain information about the people involved and what the charges were. There is one source, which are the authorities. The article was written by the AP, and often, or at least this seems to be a trend with stories that are not as important, the AP spends little time on them. Only the bare minimum is given to readers, and this story is a prime example of this trend. The AP does not see much news value in this story, when really, it should be very important. The writer could have elaborated on the process by which the drugs were getting into the country. In addition, the writer could have researched more about the drug market in the Dominican Republic, and the overall safety in our nation’s airports. All air travelers’ safety is at risk, and drugs are a growing problem in this country.

Another source that was still not very informative was the New York Times article “JFK workers charged with drug smuggling? also by the Associated Press. This article was the same as the CNN article with one exception. The New York Times article contains one additional sentence that the CNN article lacks, “the scheme was uncovered by U.S. customs agents, officials said.? Unlike the CNN article, which was available in big letters on the main page, I had to search for the New York Times article using the phrase “JFK drug smuggling.? did not even have an article that I could find.

It seems strange and alarming that something this large is made to be so little in the light of media.

October 8, 2007

Off-duty deputy kills six in rural Wisconsin town

By Ryan Prescher

Six people died, and one person was critically injured Sunday morning in the northern Wisconsin town of Crandon when an off duty deputy shot them, the CNN article “Wisconsin town in shock after off-duty deputy kills 6? by Susan Roesgen and Katherine Woktecki said. The incident took place at about 2:45 a.m. in the town of 2,000 at a white duplex where friends gathered for pizza and movies, the article said. The gunman was 20-year-old Forest County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Peterson. A police SWAT team killed him Sunday afternoon. The victims ranged in age from 14 to 20, and the motive for the shooting is unclear. Some friends of the victims and nearby residents think the shooting may have been out of jealousy over a previous girlfriend, the article said. Most of the victims were students who graduated from Crandon High School, and some are still attending. The incident will be investigated by the state attorney general’s office, the article said.

The CNN article did a thorough job of covering this horrific and shocking incident without much bias. The writers obviously tried very hard to keep the story information based with some non-biased resident accounts. This is a very difficult task simply because the man that killed six and injured one was shot and killed and is already presumed guilty. The article tried not to state exact motives because they are still being investigated. In addition, while most other news outlets strictly used the AP story out of Milwaukee, the CNN article possesses individuality. Much of the sources are the same, but the writing and where information is placed is very different. Also, the article follows the inverted pyramid structure. Most of the vital information that readers are concerned about is at the beginning while accounts that are more personal are written towards the bottom of the story. Lastly, the CNN article has links to a broadcasting report of the shooting and a graphic map of the location.

Other outlets that covered this news story were local sources. Considering how close to home this tragedy took place, almost every outlet in Minnesota and Wisconsin had some mentioning of the shooting. Both the Star Tribune and KSTP 5 had articles on the shooting. The Star Tribune article “Wisconsin town mourns, looks for answers in fatal shootings? by Robert Imrie and Dinesh Ramde of the Associated Press, and the KSTP article “Young officer responsible for six deaths in northern Wisconsin shooting rampage? by the Associated Press are to my surprise almost the exact same. Usually the TV or broadcast outlets use similar information but cut the story by half while the print form is much longer. This was not the case. Both sources have almost the exact same sentences, paragraphs, and quotes from sources. The only major difference is that the KSTP source includes a broadcast report of the incident while the Star Tribune includes pictures and graphics. In comparison to the CNN article, Steve Peterson, Tyler Peterson’s father, was included as a source in both the Star Tribune and KSTP articles. This adds less bias and more credibility to the sources because both sides of the story are truly represented.

October 4, 2007

Two guards killed and one hospitalized by bank robber

By Ryan Prescher

Two guards were shot to death and one was hospitalized Thursday morning in northeast Philadelphia, Pa. after a man robbed an armored vehicle. According to the CNN article “Two guards killed in armored-car robbery,? police guards were servicing a drive-up ATM outside a Wachovia Bank around 8 a.m. when gunshots were fired at them. The suspect is a black male, and it is believed that he drove away in a black four-door sedan, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson said. Two guards died immediately from gunshot wounds, and a third guard was grazed by a bullet or flying glass and was hospitalized. The nearby mall and several area schools were put on lockdown. Police stopped many cars leaving the area. The bank is near the busy Interstates 95 and 76, and police think this may have been the escape route. Shortly after the shooting, police found a black bag filled with cash near the bank.

This story happened early Thursday morning, and I found this article Thursday evening. I am surprised that CNN did not have any more information regarding this incident. The article is very choppy and does not seem to follow the inverted pyramid method at all. It would seem important to include the money that was found earlier up in the article. Secondly, the video that is included with the article contains no commentary or update; however, the video does show graphic images of the two dead guards covered with white sheets. This article lacked in both content and organization.

On the other hand, MSN did a very good job on reporting this unfortunate story. The article “Police: 2 guards killed in Philadelphia robbery? by the Associated Press was almost three times as long as the CNN article. There was much more information included in this article. For example, specific names were given of the victims along with where they were shot (specific number of shots and locations on the bodies). The article also contains the year and make of the vehicle that police believe the assassin used to flee the scene. Lastly, the article contains personal information about the two guards that died. This article has more depth, content, and the organization is closer related to the inverted pyramid.


CNN “Two guards killed in armored-car robbery?:
-Philadelphia Police
This source is a human source, and it is an authority figure.

-Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson
This source is a human source, and it is an authority figure.
-KYW News radio reporter Tony Hanson
This is a human source and an online source because Tony Hanson is the reporter, but the video is an online component. In addition, this source is a “real people figure? (Journalist)
-Associated Press
This is a human source and online source because the Associated Press is written by a reporter, but much of the information was given to CNN via e-mail. In addition, this source is a “real people figure?. (Journalists).

MSNBC “Police: 2 guards killed in Philadelphia robbery?
-Philadelphia Police
This source is a human source, and it is an authority figure.
-Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson
This source is a human source, and it is an authority figure.
-Mark Clark, a Loomis spokesman
This source is a human source. In addition, this sources is an authority figure in an institutional sense. Clark is the spokesperson for the armored truck company.

September 27, 2007

Young girl sexually abused on camera outside of Las Vegas

By Ryan Prescher

On Thursday, pictures popped up all over news sources on the Internet of a little innocent girl sitting on a bed. The article “Police find older of two girls on sex tape? by the Associated Press provides information about this curious and alarming picture. According to the article, in a the small town of Pahrump, 60 miles outside of Las Vegas, a 26-year-old man, Darren Tuck, turned in a tape to the Nye County Sheriff Department. The video contained graphic acts of child molestation. Police are trying to identify a man that is not Tuck, molesting two young girls in the video. The older of the two girls, who is believed to be 10 to 12 years old, was found “safe and well?, the article said. Authorities said that the older girl “never suffered as a victim at the hands of the perpetrator as the first girl has.? The younger of the two girls has not been identified, and officials believe she is in great danger. The remainder of the facts within the article focuses on the charges against Tuck. He received to felonies, one for promoting child pornography and another for possession of child pornography.

This breaking news is very disturbing, and every news source has some mentioning of it. The article is entirely written by the AP, and only has one source. The writing is very basic. The structure of the story seems strange. The legal charges against Tuck were mentioned at the very end of the article when this subject should have been mentioned much earlier. Another source that contains information about this news is the CNN article “Police: Who is the little girl in the sex tape?? The article was also written by the AP. The article is an exact copy of the article with the exception of one quote. Many of the news sources covered the story, but almost all used the same AP story.

Finally, one last source that presented this news in a much different format was the Las Vegas KTNV Channel 13 article “New information released in search for unidentified girl on tape?. There is no noted reporter. The article is very different from many of the national articles because it is a follow-up article. It contains very basic sentences that are almost like bullet points. The article also mentions a few facts that the others do not such as the 1,500 tips from across the country that were submitted to the police. Overall, this story lacks depth, but instead, provides its viewers and readers the quick facts about the incident.

September 20, 2007

Thousands gather for the “Jena 6?

By Ryan Prescher

The controversial story out of Jena, Louisiana became national news Thursday when thousands from all over the country gathered to protest the arrest and charges of the “Jena 6?. The CNN article “Thousands rally in Jena ‘march for justice’? gives full details on the protest and what led up to this event.

First, according to the article, the “racial tensions? in Jena, Louisiana started in early August 2006. Three white teenagers hanged nooses on a tree the day after a black student was given permission to sit underneath the tree – a place where white students gather. The article states that the students who hanged the nooses were suspended despite the FBI and “other investigators? thoughts that the hanging qualified as a hate crime. The students were never legally punished because they were under 18 and no affiliations to the Ku Klux Klan were discovered. Later, on December 4, three months after the incident, six black teens known as the Jena 6, were “accused of beating classmate Justin Baker.? Charges of second-degree battery and conspiracy to second-degree battery were some of the charges that the Jena 6 received. Many of the charges were “vacated? and reduced. One of the six was 14 at the time of the alleged crime, so prosecutors were unable to charge him.

Secondly, thousands of protestors were present in Jena, Louisiana Thursday to show their support of “what they consider unjust, unequal punishments meted out in two racially charged incidents?, CNN said. Supporters came from all over the United States and gathered on the high school lawn and nearby parks. The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal ordered a hearing within 72 hours to decide if “the only one of the six still behind bars can be released.?

The CNN article was well written and contained many sources. All sides of this story were covered such as the legal aspects, opinions from residents of Jena, visiting protestors, and high school faculty. The article even quotes President Bush on his comments about this subject. The lead to the article is informative and sets up the topic of the article right away. The CNN article also explains the history behind this controversial case, which is necessary considering many people do not know about it. The CNN article also contains videos, pictures, and room for comments on the topic. Another source that has information regarding the Jena 6 is from in the article “‘Jena 6’ protesters rally at Louisiana town?. The article has a very inviting lead with lots of description. Unlike the CNN lead, the MSN article has a very descriptive lead setting the scene of the protesting. The MSN article also referred to religious figures, important governmental representatives, and officials. Lastly, the MSN article has other sources to read more information on the topic such as blogs.

Overall, both stories cover this controversial topic well. One article gives the news in a more formal manner while the other article delivers the same content only in a more descriptive and less formal way.

September 14, 2007

O.J. is in the news, again

By Ryan Prescher

O.J. Simpson was questioned early Friday morning as a suspect in an “alleged? theft at a hotel-casino in Las Vegas according to the CNN article “Police: Simpson questioned in alleged theft?. The Associated Press stated in the article that Simpson was conducting an operation in order to retrieve some items that he claimed were stolen from him. The article said that Riccio, an auctioneer, received a call a month ago from someone who wanted to auction some of Simpson’s personal possessions. Riccio called Simpson and informed him of the situation. As stated in the article, Riccio was in the hotel room viewing items when Simpson came in and took his possessions; however, Riccio claims it was not a break in, and no gun was involved. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is only questioning Simpson now. There were no arrests, and he has not been charged.

The CNN article explains the breaking news involving O.J. Simpson in a short and concise manner. Almost every news source (,, and the Star Tribune) has some article or video footage on this breaking news because it involves a famous person. Much of the important information in all the news outlets is similar because it came from TV stations and the AP in the Las Vegas region. Unlike many other sources, CNN kept the story very short. The article only contains what is necessary for the reader to understand the situation, and there is a very short summary of Simpson’s past. On the other hand, the article published by “O.J. Simpson named suspect in Vegas incident? is very long and is more detailed than what most readers probably want. The article contains more interviews from random people at the hotel and speculations that are not confirmed. In addition, the article also has a long description of Simpson’s past that seems biased. Even though Simpson has not been charged, the description makes Simpson appear guilty. While this news story is still developing and much of it is purely speculation, CNN did a reasonable job in minimizing excess junk and useless facts in order to bring a clean and non-opinionated story to readers.

September 9, 2007

Democratic debate will air in Spanish

By Ryan Prescher

The Associated Press out of Coral Gables, Florida released an article published on today about the first Democratic debate airing on TV tonight entirely in Spanish. According to “Democratic debate to be broadcast in Spanish?, the 90-minute debate taking place at the University of Miami will air on Univision, which is the fifth most watched network in the United States. The debate hosts, Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas will ask questions in Spanish, and the participants will wear earpieces that translate the questions into English. The participants’ answers are then translated into English on live TV. Presidential candidates participating include Sen. Hilary Rodham Clinton of New York, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska, and Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. The article also mentions that two participating candidates Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut have objected to the speaking format of the debate because they already speak Spanish. The article declared that it was unclear if they would be speaking English or Spanish.

With a rapidly growing minority group, the article does a great job focusing on the Spanish televised debate and the impact the Hispanic community in America has on national politics. For example, the article primarily focuses on the last election stating the percentage of Hispanics who voted for each candidate. The article also sheds light on the controversial date changes on primary elections in both Nevada and Florida. While this article is a standard AP style story, it does a great job of bringing several different aspects that relate to the central topic of the story, which is the debate. One drawback is there are no stated sources. Sources could have included some of the participants, a Hispanic individual within America, and their opinion on the debate, etc.

At the time I came across the story on, I was very surprised to find that no other news outlets (, Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, and had any mentioning of the debate airing tonight. While many news sources had articles focusing on the controversy over the primary date changes, none focused on the first televised Spanish debate. It would seem important that news sources would want to inform and at least make mention of a very important event in American politics.

The Democratic Party