Analysis: Computer-assisted reporting

By Sam Preston

I covered a story from, called 'Resources for covering floods.'

The records and analysis used to produce this story came from all different sources, such as clips from other newspapers as well as several databases and tipsheets. I would say that the computer skills that the reporter who put this story together would need is of course, primarily, how to navigate the internet in such a way to find the websites of other newspapers. Beyond that, they would need to know where to go to access the databases and tipsheets that they used, and they would need to know how to read them beyond that. They would need to know the sources that they would want to address for this story, and how to find information about them on the internet. All in all, a reporter would need much more than basic navigational skills in order to put together such a complex story, because if they could not read the sources that came in front of them, it would be no use.

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