A Whole New Market of Consumers

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Technological advances have led to a whole new wave of market capabilities and a different type of consumer. Today's consumers are more involved with the media than ever, and social media in particular have led to that, and with that comes a different way to take on the younger generation of consumers. Now with the ability to connect with the younger generation than before also comes with the older generation becoming more familiar with common technologies. Mobile technologies have also made connecting with consumers easier than ever before. Everyone has their smart phone on them at all times, and that includes people from every age group and many different demographics. Mobile technologies and social media advancement have also made connecting internationally more possible because of the common boundaries and familiarity.

The advancement of technologies have brought about a whole new market of consumers and is on a different playing field than ever before. Marketers are learning how to use the new technology as quickly as the consumer is adapting and demanding for newer products. These advances will be interesting to watch and learn to see if they will have a positive impact on research capabilities, or if it will just be a different way of connecting with them.

Article written by Alexis Siegle and can be found here.

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