Apple vs. Android -- Who's ahead?

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Sam Grobart explains in his article how market research can be misinterpreted or misguided. Sometimes market research is just plain hard to understand. Apple leads the market share with 48.1%, but Android is not far behind with 46.7%, down 16.6% from last year. Android however leads the global market share by a landslide with a whopping 75% compared with Apples 14.9%. Market share does not relate however to profit where Apple took in 77% of the mobile sales in the second quarter of 2012. So to interpret, Apple sells better in the U.S., but not internationally. Apple makes way more profit from their iPhone as well.

The message is to make sure you're understanding the market statistics or else your interpretation could be completely different than what the study is telling you. This could be in a negative effect where the study/survey could be hiding some information from you, or that you are just not understanding the information which will give you the wrong interpretation.

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