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Children's Book Recommendations

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Are you still shopping? Do you have children on your list that you only see a few times a year? Do you think a book is the perfect gift - but aren't sure which one to pick?

The new curator of the Children's Literature Research Collection is Lisa Von Drasek and she has the lists you need!

As a Children's Librarian, I am often asked for recommendations for titles to give as gifts. I am a big fan of giving books. It can be difficult to select a title for a child or young adult that you only see once or twice a year. Think of me as that fabulous bookseller standing at the ready when you say..."I have a six year old niece" In the Twin Cites we not only have the big chain but Red Balloon and Wild Rumpus. These two independents are part of what lured me from NY to MN. So here is a link to my end-of-the -year, best of 2012 recommendations. They are divided by age and format. Feel free to forward. Informational books and poetry will post sometime today.

If you scroll down to the November 26 entry, you will also find a list of recommended books complied from sources including Publishers Weekly and the New York Times.

Enjoy your books and watch for this information again next year.


Norwegian Explorers Achieve Chancellor Status

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Every year, on the first Thursday in December, the local Sherlockian literary society, the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota, enjoys a holiday dinner in celebration of the year's activities and the Master Detective. The Explorers are a key partner for us, along with the Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections, in supporting our work in collecting and documenting Sherlock Holmes as a popular culture icon. Some of the Explorers support comes through programming and raising the awareness of the Sherlock Holmes Collections here at the university. Another part of their support comes through generous donations to the three funds that support the Holmes Collections: the John Bennett Shaw Fund, the Hench Endowment for acquisitions, and the E. W. McDiarmid endowment that supports my position as curator.

At the annual dinner of the Norwegian Explorers the Libraries had the opportunity to recognize their generosity over the years. Kris Kiesling, director of the Elmer L. Andersen Library and the Archives and Special Collections Department, offered these remarks during the dinner:


12-12 shemaylookclean.jpgThe current exhibit in the Andersen Library gallery grew out of my conversations with ASC Exhibit Design Specialist, Darren Terpstra, about parallels between current cultural attitudes towards sexuality and sex education and the themes documented in the American Social Health Association records. We had several of those short, brainstorming conversations that often happen between ASC staff in the hallways at Andersen Library and decided to produce an exhibit that brought these issues together. For over two years, we nursed our "pet project" to raise awareness about current sexual health issues while showcasing the work of the American Social Health Association (ASHA).

Welcome to Primary Sourcery!

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Greetings from the University of Minnesota Libraries Department of Archives and Special Collections and welcome to our blog! As the name suggests, there is something a bit magical and mysterious about primary source materials and the secrets they hold.


What are we going to blog about? Anything and everything relating to our amazing array of collections, as well as exhibits and events, projects we and our researchers are working on, issues facing the department and the Libraries, and thoughtful postings about the state of special collections and collecting. We are committed to at least one posting a week, but we encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed to keep in touch. We welcome your feedback!


Kris Kiesling

Director of Archives and Special Collections


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