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ryan blog post.jpgOn January 11th Andersen Library was pleased to welcome 50 students from Olson Middle school, Bloomington, MN. These 6th and 7th graders who are preparing for History Day projects learned about primary sources and toured the facilities. One parent - and past researcher - sent us the following note:

"Thank you for the great presentation to the Olson Middle School students on January 11. My daughters Claire and Amelia loved it--they are already history fans, so I am very glad for them to have every opportunity to develop their interest in this subject."

We were glad to have them!

Ryan Bean, YMCA Reference and Outreach Archivist

Photo: Meredith Gillies - Children's Literature Research Collection - explains how to "read" a primary source document

Promoting the Mission

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This past December, Archivist Ryan Bean delivered a paper at the International Symposium on China and Taiwan in the Writings of Western Missionaries, National Central University Taiwan. Titled Selling the Mission: The North American YMCA in China 1890-1949 his paper ryan bean image.jpggave a brief overview of the work of the Young Men's Christian Association in China and their changing relationships with the missionaries who invited them into the country. The YMCA may be found in many histories related to missionary work in China however normally their role is relegated to that of a supporting character. In fact, the YMCA had a profound impact on the nature of Chinese Christianity and provided an institution for Chinese Christians to work on reforming their society.

The paper was well received and will be published in a forthcoming volume. A pre-print version may be found in the University of Minnesota's Digital Conservancy. With Ryan in the photo is Professor Peter Wang the symposium organizer and director of the Graduate Institute of History at National Central University Taiwan and Professor Wang's wife.

- Ryan Bean, YMCA Archivist


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