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February 13, 2006

Roe vs. Wade Speech

Roe vs. Wade Speech

The Roe versus Wade case will not be overturned, said Sonia Sturdevant. The biggest reason for this is that the supreme court justices in the past have always

been very big on maintaining the continuity of the law, because if the court continually changes the decisions from the past, it loses it's validity, said Sturdevant. "The

Supreme Court has no armies to enforce it's decisions, it only has moral authority."

The makeup of the Supreme Court today will be very important in the fate of the Roe vs. Wade decision, said Sturdevant. Sturdevant said of the nine justices, 4 are

strongly for keeping the decision, 4 are for overturning, and there is one undecided. The swing vote is justice Kennedy. In the past he has been in favor of any burden

placed on women seeking abortion(such as the 24 hour waiting period), but he has never touched the Roe vs. Wade case. Sturdevant is predicting he will stay with his

former stance on the issue.

While the Roe vs. Wade case may be safe, Sturdevant said the rights surrounding abortion are not. There are already lots of rules regarding the ease of getting an

abortion in America, with variations by state, said Sturdevant. For example, most emergency rooms are required to provide emergency contraceptives for rape victims, but

some states such as Minnesota refuse to do this. In many states, there is a 24 hour waiting period, and in some, doctors are required to explain in graphic terms exactly

what will happen to the baby when the abortion is performed.