July 13, 2007

Frictional Unemployment

For some odd reason, at least one person reads this. Not only that but I'm finding myself extensively bored at this moment with nothing better to do than write in a blog.
Since finishing my first year of college I have been seeking employment. For the last three summers I have worked at the local Coldstone Creamery. The job was fun but not necessarily rewarding financially. I needed something new where I could both make more money and gain new experience. Since one of my closest ambitions is to one day own and operate my own restaurant I decided to seek a job as a server. Through the second half of April and much of May I applied at four or five of the local eateries to no avail. I then took a job at Valleyfair, Minnesota's amusement park. I accepted the position mainly out of desperation for cash and that many of my friends worked there as well. It only took a weeks' time to realize this job was not a fit for me, or anyone else in my opinion. Sixty to seventy hour weeks in the blazing sun performing menial tasks and dealing with unruly twelve year olds proved more than I could handle.
After parting with my associates at Valleyfair I continued to look for work as a server, my standards were lower but my results the same, "not hiring" or "must be 21" were many of the brief rejections I recieved. After sitting through a 45 minute personality test and later a 15 minute interview at the neighborhood Applebee's, I was filled with contempt to find a little post card in my mail saying "thanks but no thanks". The only real prospect I currently have is a position at Baker's Square, having already gone through two interviews and waiting nearly a month from the first interview until now I can only hope to get the job or I may unleash hell upon one of the assistant managers with whom I interviewed.
Whether I get the job or not I will have been a victim of a term we learned in macro economics last semester, "frictional unemployment", meaning I am able and available to work, yet do not fit into the positions I am looking for. If worse comes to worse I will seek an on campus job in the fall, having a summer wasted in a fruitless job search to look at behind me.

November 13, 2006

First Blog for BA 1001

Here is my first blog entry but very well may not be my last. I am already familiar with online personal logs such as this one and have written in a blog at my high school and on the mainstream website, www.xanga.com. I attend the University of Minnesota, obviously, as a freshman. I hope to major in entrepreneurial management currently but that may change. I am in Carlson School of Management and will have earned 49 credits by the end of the semester. In high school I took many AP and CIS courses which I hope will allow me to graduate in three years.
Some of my hobbies include fantasy football, computer gaming, blackjack, and constantly checking www.facebook.com for updates from all of my friends. In my free time I like to chat online, go to the rec, watch television and party. My favorite class this semester is a freshman seminar I'm taking, called "Poetry and Poetic Form". The professor is quite knowledgeable and I enjoy english more so than other subjects. Although it does not coincide with my major, writing has always been a strength and a passion of mine.