New IT Staff - Kao Yang!

We are thrilled to announce the hiring of Kao Yang who will join the
Department IT staff.

I am thrilled to announce the hiring of Kao Yang who will join the
Department IT staff on Monday, June 8. Kao has a BS in Computer
Information Systems and has been working in IT in the Fresno Unified
School District since 2007. Kao has extensive experience supporting
Windows users in a networked environment. His appointment is permanent
and full-time, shared between Psychology at 75% and Statistics at 25%.
Kao will staff the Department IT Help Desk.

Please join me in welcoming Kao to the Department, the University and Minnesota!

Also, thank you very much for your patience over the past eighteen
months as we have worked hard to maintain services, while also
clarifying our needs within the changing IT environment at the College
and centrally. Although how IT is to be delivered at the U continues
to change, it is my goal to insure that our Department has dependable
and timely IT services. Kao's presence will help us achieve this goal
-- better, faster.

Carla Bates
Information Technology Professional
University of Minnesota, Psychology
N218 Elliott Hall
75 East River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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