This is a feminist issue because...Haiti earthquake

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What is a feminist issue? What makes that issue important for feminists? How might analyzing this issue from a feminist perspective enable us to understand it better and to come up with compelling and productive solutions for it? Because these questions are central to the course and our reflection on feminism and why it is or isn't relevant, I wanted to create a category in which we could explore what it means to think about something as a feminist issue.

So, this category is for posting images, news items or anything else that you feel speaks to issues related to feminism. It could also include anything that you believe especially deserves a feminist analysis. And it could include topics, issues, or events that you feel are connected to feminism or deserve a feminist response, but you are not sure how or why. Entries filed under this category should invite us to apply our growing knowledge of feminism/feminist movement/s to popular culture/current events or should inform us about ideas, topics, or images that are important for feminism. When posting an entry/example, you could pose a question to the reader or provide a brief summary on the example and/or why you posted it.

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck at 1653 local time (2153 GMT) on 12 January 15 miles SWS of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. According to the BBC report, officials fear more than 100,000 dead and three million affected. This is a feminist issue because...


  1. If you would like to read more about how some feminists are responding to the crisis in Haiti, click on these links:

    feminists for choice
    gender across borders
    the feminist texican (especially under the Learn More section)

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