Birth Control

Why not?
Our group found an interesting article that followed a research study on why women do not obtain the desired birth control in situations where they did not wish to become pregnant and did. Although there is safe and effective contraception available in the United States, there are still many women who don't use it or use it inconsistently when they are sexually active with no desire to get pregnant.
Majority of the women involved in the study did not use birth control. This is an alarming issue when it is known that they were not interested in having a baby. The survey asked all of the women what the reasons for not getting proper contraception were. Most of the reasons fell under the categories of:
-Limited knowledge
-Limited access
-Didn't know how or where to get it
-Too expensive
-Too hard to get or needed a prescription
-Worried about side effects
-Worried about weight gain
-A partner or family didn't want it
-Too hard to remember

Some of those reasons seem to be pretty miniscule when you have such a large consequence. If people are choosing to be sexually active, they should also take the responsible route and use proper contraception.
The United States has one of the highest unintended pregnancy rates among all developed countries. About half of all pregnancies are unintended. That is shockingly high and sad. A lot of these end in abortion. Unintended pregnancies result in negative health and social outcomes for the mother and the child.
Taking into consideration that half of unwanted pregnancies occur when the woman is not using any form of contraception, and another forty percent is the result of incorrect or inconsistent use, it is clear that contraception is necessary if pregnancy is not the goal.
There are many existing reasons for not getting desired contraception, but none of them outweigh the logic of having safe sex. The website/article that we found our information on is very interesting. There are some charts/graphs as well as some very good information.
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