Direct Engagement

The feminists that we have read have been influential politically because the issues they bring up seek resolve within our current society. The term "political" is a rather broad term and in my use I will define it as "an issue that requires political attention and action." When posed with the question "is the political personal", I instantly thought of the problems with legislation regarding domestic workers brought up in Cleaning up a Dirty Business. Within this article all sorts of problems are brought up regarding how Government regulations impose poverty and subjugation through severe regulation or the lack of regulation. There is a dire need for better understanding and communication of the laws that affect domestic workers. "Virtually no attempt has been made by the government or media to educate domestic workers and employers about these laws". These political problems become very personal to the lives of the individuals that they affect. If the minimum wage was not enforced for citizens across the country it would become a personal issue to many more individuals. The problem that is often found within the government is that our elected officials focus on issues that affect the majority of the populous. This method of prioritizing issues disregards a portion of the population that needs the most help and protection from the government. When the spotlight is away from these issues it becomes easy to ignore them and perpetuate "us and them" perspectives. While this can go on for a while the ignorance and disregarding attitudes can affect the foresight of a country and this is how things like racialism and subjugation are allowed to be perpetuated. It is a common misconception that the political is not personal. The constitution set up a government which is FOR THE PEOPLE. If we ignore the personal aspect of our government and the political realm, then we have missed the intended mark that our forefathers set before us.

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