Michelle (Bombshell) McGee is a Feminist Issue Because...

Michelle McGee has allegedly had an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James. She recently did a photo shoot for Tattoo Revue magazine, telling the publication's founder he should put her on the cover because "I'm going to be real hot soon". Three months after the shoot she decided to go public with her alleged affair with Jesse James. According to an article on People magazines website, a friend of Michelle's said "I would not be surprised if she went after Jesse James because she thought it would bring her fame".

Women who go after married men are a feminist issue. When women are trying to achieve gender equality, we cannot treat each other in this poor manner at the same time. How can women expect men to treat every woman with respect when women themselves treat each other in this manner? Yes, Jesse James is in the wrong as well for stepping out on his wife, but this is a whole other feminist issue.

It is thought that Michelle McGee also went after Jesse James and went public with the affair in order to gain more fame and create opportunities for herself, like getting on the cover of a magazine. Women using men for their fame and money is another part of this feminist issue. In the feminist movement women want to be seen as equals to men who are capable of supporting themselves and making their own lives, and this type of behavior encourages a lifestyle in which women use men to elevate their own status and quality of life instead of doing it in an independent and honest manner.

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