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This class has been an eye opener for me in terms of feminist issues. I usually hesitated on discussing about feminist issues with family members and friends because I did not have good knowledge of feminism and feminist movement. You can only correct people when you have a good knowledge of something, now that I have taken this class I can correct people when they are wrong towards feminist issues and feminism. I learnt a lot of from this class through the readings, blogs, tracking the issues, and the agendas. Also i liked when we discussed the readings as a whole or in the groups. One of my favorite readings was the egg and the sperm by Emily Martin. This reading made me think in a different perspective, a perspective that I would not have thought of. Many of the stereotypes the author mentioned from the science side were things that I never thought of as stereotypes; they were developed in us as normal since grade school and therefore got adapted to them. Even though there are things that I did not agree with her. Everything was normal for me since I have been taking a lot of science classes and dealt with this topic but never thought of it from this perspective.

The blog has been a great experience since I have never blogged before and I learned a lot from it. One problem I had with blog was getting use to it and posting things which were never easy for me. I would post a comment and it would not show therefore making me post it more than once. Other than that I had a great experience and enjoyed the class. I would suggest for the next students to keep up with the work and know when things are due because you might find yourself behind and. First few weeks would be confusing getting to know how to blog at the beginning will make things easy as you'll be using the blog the most.


  1. I agree with these statements. The blog was also very confusing for me as well the first few weeks, but I still don't totally love it. I don't understand how to post pictures or links but I get the general idea of just stating my opinions.
    I was hesitant at first to talk in this class, and share my opinions in the small groups, but once I made friends and such, things became a lot easier. I didn't feel judged as much and I was really able to voice my own opinions and thoughts. I still don't talk in the class discussions but I am not usually a person to do so anyways.
    I really liked the contentious issues that we discussed but I don't think we evenly spaced out how much time we spend on each issue. I felt like in the beginning of the semester, we went much slower and we were really able to get into the discussions, and now we are just really trying to push through. These last two issues, for me, were my favorite topics so I wish we would have saved more time.
    Overall, I think this class was very beneficial for me. A lot of new issues were brought to my attention and I was really able to apply myself in ways that I never really have before. I would most definitely tell my friends about this class.
    (sorry for leaving this comment on your post, I wasn't sure what to say and where to put it)

  2. This class has been very interesting indeed. I found the material to be rather challenging and eye opening. I think that the different perspectives from these readings allowed for a dualistic viewpoint on some very difficult issues. I don't know if I can yet say i know exactly what feminism really is, but i have a greater understanding about what it includes. That was also one of the things that really struck me within feminism, it is very very inclusive and I really appreciated that attribute. I really enjoyed the opinions of my classmates and I think that the class discussion was crucial to my learning experience. I like the blog a lot because it provided a place to just hash things out. I really felt like i could express my emotions for the topics and that was helpful considering how potent some of the topics were. I had no idea as to how the blog was going to pan out, but it worked and I'm glad. Thanks!

  3. I also enjoyed the topics that we covered in this class- even though I had been at least partially familiar with some of the issues we’ve discussed beforehand, this class and the varied readings really helped to flesh out the debates for me and open my eyes to new perspectives on them. I thought this was especially true for domestic workers/housework, family values and the PIC. Like B.W., I agree that the last two topics have gotten less attention, and I agree that they are some of the most interesting that we’ve covered. It didn’t make sense for sex wars to get only two days of attention- I really wished we could have discussed it more. I especially appreciated studying the PIC in this class- I know Sara has mentioned that this is a new topic for her to cover, and I would definitely suggest that it be included in the class in the future.
    Overall, I think more attention could have been paid in this class to constructive debate- we had a forum for opining on topics, but there wasn’t a lot of challenging back-and-forth dialogue, which I think is at the heart of feminist debate, a step beyond just ‘becoming curious’ about feminist issues. And although we discussed different sides to the issues, we have spent little time discussing constructive alternatives or solutions to the debates (I know that the ‘agenda’ work is intended to address this, but this kind of discussion could be had in the classroom throughout the topic, as opposed to tacked onto the end).
    In all, I think this class would have worked better had it been smaller- I was often overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in the class and the small amount of time we had together. The blog definitely provided a good space for class work given the volume of students in the classroom- it's easier to speak up on the blog than in a big class.
    Thanks for a good class, and some very thought-provoking material!

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