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group members: Chloe, Mary, Sara, Jeffrey

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points of contention:

capitalist hegemony
production of criminals: human monsters; social waste (deviants)
production of citizens
justifying prosecuting power
-- (as Dean Spade says, targets of the system become reasons for the system)
"Safety" and fear


  1. there is so much that is addressed in the Dean Spade clip. I think I'm in love :)

    I think probably the most important thing that stuck with me is also what you point out on your post. That we (transfolk) in arguing for stronger measures for safety- strict punishment for hate crimes- we participate in the system that targets us (referring here to communities of color an/or GLBT folk). This is somewhat similiar to the critique that women often participate in maintaining or even strengthening of the PIC at the cost of 'others' or their communities.

    And he give a quick mention to restorative justice at the end as a very possible alternative...

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