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Ariel Levy describes the impacts of raunch culture in her book Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, and we see its effects not just in Hollywood and in the media, but on a very local level in addition.

The University of Minnesota claims home to hundreds of clubs and organizations, advocating interests from aircraft construction to skydiving. However, there is one which exemplifies the idea of raunch culture: Kinky U. It's purpose? Its supposed benefit for the community and the University itself states that "Kinky U educates people on the culture of kink, as well as technique and safety. This group helps those new to the community as well as caters to interesting discussions to those who are well-informed in kink." The organization sponsors field trip to places around the Twin Cities area with sex-oriented themes, explores sexual "kinky" acts and members demonstrate proper safety techniques upon participating in such acts.

The club has received much negative response from the community who claim that their use of school money is a waste of resources. Bryan, a member of the club responds by saying that "We're talking about it and being explicit about what practices there are and how to be safe [...] It's removing the stigma. It's allowing people to accept themselves. It's being realistic about what is actually going on."


  1. Here is the link for Kinky U. A few years ago, Catherine Kersten wrote this harsh critique of the organization. Her editorial stirred up a lot of controversy on many different sides. If I remember correctly, she based her argument on this Minnesota Daily article without contacting or interviewing anyone from Kinky U.

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