Some thoughts on the readings for next week: Sex Wars

First, here is the schedule from the revised syllabus I distributed last week.


13 Some Historical Background

• Dworkin, Andrea. "Against the Male Flood: Censorship, Pornography, and Equality" (CP)
• Rubin, Gayle. Excerpt "Thinking Sex" (Web Vista)
• Lorde, Audre. "The Uses of the Erotic" (CP)
• Henry, Astrid. Excerpt from Not my Mother's Sister (Web Vista)

15 Sex Wars: Erotic or Pornographic? Exploitative or Empowering?

• Chapkis, Wendy. Excerpt from Live Sex Acts: Women Performing Erotic Labor (CP)
• Barton, Bernadette. "Dancing on the Mobius Strip: Challenging the Sex War Paradigm" (Web Vista)

FILM: Watch clips from Live Nude Girls Unite!

Sex Wars position paper due today

There is a lot of reading for next week (and a lot of different ideas). While I encourage you to read as much of it as you can, I also understand that it is a crazy time of the semester. Therefore, I have decided to break it down a little more into required and optional readings:

For Tuesday, April 13th:
Required: Dworkin, Lorde, Rubin
Optional: Henry

For Thursday, April 15th:
Required: Chapkis--ch 3, Barton (on Web Vista)
Optional: Chapkis--ch 7

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