Feminist Issue- Dove Commercial



No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.

This is the dove add that was released a few years ago to made us aware of the media and how the gorgeous women and men are portrayed differently than they actually are. This television commercial takes an everyday average girl and puts make- up on her, curls her hair, then takes her picture onto a computer and photo shops her entire face and hair. By the end of the commercial, she looks like a completely different girl than what she started as. I think this is a feminist issue because the media is showing us people who don't really exist, and we are trying to live up to these fake standards. It makes me sad that some people really do feel the need to be as pretty as people we see on ads and magazine covers, when really it is all fake. Why should women (and men) have to be portrayed like this?


  1. This commercial is really eye-opening and disconcerting. I can't tell you how many hours my girlfriends and I pored over magazines looking at photo-shopped women wondering why we don't look like them. I seem to remember an issue of a popular women's magazine running a few years ago with pictures of celebrities untouched so show the drastic changes images undergo before teens snatch them off the shelves. I'm sorry I don't remember which magazine, but if I track it down I'll be sure to post it. Regardless, the impossible standards set by these images certainly has an impact on women. I have to wonder how much photo-shopping goes into men's photos/magazines, how these standards were created and whether or not others think its out of control. What should we be doing to combat the negative impact these images have?

  2. @Kathryn
    What should we do as a culture? Who knows. I want to share how I combat this personally though. I try really hard not to look in the mirror. Initially I had these lofty ideas about going for a month without seeing myself, but I pretty much failed after one day. So I try to keep mirror-looking to once a day in the morning. I decided to do this because I was trying to banish my self-consciousness and live more outwardly (as in, not worrying how others perceived me). It's really difficult not to look at yourself. When I'm paying attention I make sure not to look in the mirror when I wash my hands at the bathroom sink, and I try not to catch a glimpse of myself when I pass reflective windows on the street.

    I think it's a pretty cool thing to try out. It seems to have a positive affect on me. It's difficult because, yes, we're told that how we look is basically the most important thing about us. I'm trying to find the courage to not be "pretty." Prettiness is such a waste of time.

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