The Smitten Kitten


The Smitten Kitten is a feminist-owned adult sex toy/equipment boutique located on Lyndale and Lake in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. describes the Smitten Kitten as, "Valuing "human dignity and the creative expression of gender, identity and desire," the Smitten Kitten is more than a sex toy boutique; it is an open source for information on issues of sexuality, sexual health, and feminism."

Staffed by a team of Sex Educators, the Smitten Kitten is committed to selling only the safest products to its clientele. Jennifer Pritchett, the founder/owner of the Kitten formed the Coalition Against Toxic Toys in 2005, a non-profit that aims to create awareness of the hazardous materials and production practices of the existing sex toy industry. CATT can be found at

The Smitten Kitten is an open, accepting environment offering toys, books, zines, DVD's and more to a widely representational audience in the GLBTQ community as well. In addition to their product catalog, their website hosts an events calendar and blog filled with great resources for anyone wanting to explore sexuality in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

The site (and the store!) give a much better look into their mission/vibe/general awesomeness than I could ever do here, so check them out!

The Smitten Kitten


  1. user-pic Author Profile Page Thunder_Fox | May 4, 2010 4:29 PM

    Thank you for this post, Caitlin! A few years ago, someone told me to visit SK because it was “less creepy” than Sex World, another local sex shop. I had no idea it was staffed by sex educators and owned by feminists. This is exactly what we need to give sex and the exhibition and appreciation of the erotic “institutional legitimization” of which bell hooks speaks of in Feminism is for Everybody (p. 20). When people can see that sex stores aren’t all seedy hovels selling misogynistic videos and magazines which demean the women and men featured in such materials and those purchasing them.

    I browsed the site, and was pleased at the emphasis on equal pleasure for all partners involved in sex. For example, the Kitten sells a “docu-porn” called Ciao Bella!: A Woman's POV ( which is billed as the first porn shot from the woman’s point of view (POV), and has a female director. Another, called Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality (, films men experiencing sexuality free from the gay/straight binary common in mainstream porn, and has the same director as Ciao Bella!

  2. Just a little PS on this post- I just found out today that the Smitten Kitten won City Pages 'Best Store for Sex Toys' slot!

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