This is a Feminist Issue Because... Lingerie and Cougars and Wrinkles, oh my!


With its first season coming to an end, "Cougar Town," a television sitcom, has made a rather interesting impact on the economy. The show follows a newly divorced 40 some year old mother in her quest to reenter the dating arena and rediscover her sexuality. According to Reuters, lingerie sales among women above the age of 40 have increased dramatically since the premiere of the show, along with the release of "Sex and the City 2" which also concentrates on women in their 40s and 50s and their relationships.

This is a double edged issue - on one hand, it is brilliant that through these forms of media, women of all ages are reexamining their own bodies and trying to mend their relationships with their own bodies. However, the issue arises of whether or not lingerie is the proper facet through which to reclaim one's body. It would be interesting to see whether or not things like gym memberships and spa treatments among women over the age of 40 have also increased - if this trend is solely related to lingerie, or perhaps related to a larger trend of older women taking the time and effort to take care of themselves and perhaps pamper themselves a little.

Regardless, the facts are facts, and one lingerie saleswoman says "With women's 40s being touted as the new 20s, and lingerie designers stepping up to the mark to feed this demand, it's a market we expect to see grow further in the future."


  1. user-pic Author Profile Page chromeswan | May 3, 2010 11:56 PM

    This is very interesting, Julia. I have never watched the show personally, but am aware of it and was actually kind of intrigued when I saw a trailer.

    Do you have a link to the study that showed this trend? I'd be curious to see how dramatic of a rise in sales in that age group was, and how they determined that statistic.

    How much of it could be attributed to an aging population in general? I think that shows like these (another show I saw a trailer for, the name is slipping my mind, but its set in a retired living community, on oxygen?) are perhaps targeting at audience that is already there and thirsty for cultural relevance.

    Although maybe in correspondence with the statistic the study presumes, maybe these shows validate sexuality in aging or "older" population

  2. I actually just started watching this show this week. It is very funny, and I actually find this issue to be fairly empowering. It is showing women that we can still be sexy when we're older. Before there was such a double standard that only older men were considered sexy and with the breakthrough of these new shows now women are realizing their inner sexiness too. I do think that based on these shows they are however engaging in far too many neurotic and unhealthy relationships with alcohol and outward appearance, and that is problematic. For example, before the main character of cougar town could have sex she went through hours of preparation to make everything perfect. Pretty sure that is not necessary. If your having sex, it should be to please yourself, not to show off for someone else.

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