This is a feminist issue because... "One Sandwich to kill you all"



Do you see that thing? It's not a joke. Here is a link to the commercial if you don't believe me.

There several aspects about this that make feminist issue. But at the forefront, its capitalism at its finest. Massive corporations are profiting from slowly killing the people who consume their products.

Some might say that it is wrong to accuse the companies of any wrong doing, after all, they aren't forcing anyone to buy it. "Of course, it's sort of a foregone conclusion, a rigged game. This vile meatwich is crammed like a grenade with sodium, sugar, fat and chemicals. Ergo, the testers, presumably people with taste buds devastated by years of cramming similar compost into their guts, thought it was pure nirvana. And then their colons exploded".

Read Mark Morford's original article from the SF Gate here.


  1. Oh man! I just have to laugh after reading Morford's article... he's absolutely right, and really hit the nail on the head. His matter of fact language and sarcasm is enjoyable... but the topic is not. It's actually sickening! After reading all the descriptions of the sandwich, it's just sad that these corporations prey upon America like this. Especially the poor and "gullible"... even though I think fast food targets the middle class just as much- everyone seems to be looking for efficiency and quantity over quality nowadays.

    Morford states, "Hell, even the oil titans right now raping Canada can claim to be supplying a commodity that runs the engines of the world. Even Wall Street ogres can claim to be partaking of a time-honored tradition of gutting the U.S. Treasury at the expense of the ignorant masses. But head of marketing for, say, Kentucky Fried Chicken? Oh, you poor soul. Hell hath a special room for you."

    I totally agree with you, chromeswan... massive corporations are slow, but steady murderers. The commercial is 100% correct... they're main focus is to get people to "UNTHINK".

  2. Well, this is quite amazing and amusing. I don’t think there is any better symbol of American gluttony and excess than this sandwich here. As if deep fried chicken is not bad enough for someone, they need to add more over processed meat. On a side not, why do people instantly think bacon makes something better? I’ve always hated bacon and have never understood the appeal. On the bright side, any believers in the Atkins diet sure would love this sandwich! On a more serious note, as chromeswan mentioned this is a feminist issue, because this is a capitalist issue. Kentucky Fried Chicken is a notorious abuser of animal rights. There has been a good deal of documentation of their chicken farms, where the chickens never touch the ground from their cages. They abuse animal rights for a simple reason, it is quite profitable to harvest chickens in large quantities to sell. Now, they are going to add a whole other animal into the mix, a pig. In addition to abusing animals, KFC also greatly damages the environment. The manner in which animals are harvested, has dire consequences to the surrounding areas.

  3. user-pic Author Profile Page Dick Cheney | May 6, 2010 1:16 PM

    Nate Silver - of posted a great analysis of this sandwich. ( is a website that tracks politics and election forecasting using statistical models. Silver is a self-identified liberal)

    In the article, Nate Silver points out that the sandwich isn't as bad for you as other fast food hits (like the whopper or a chipotle burrito). Granted, its not great for you, but...

    Regardless, Health issues are not a feminist issue because it has nothing to do with creating equality between the sexes or reducing oppression. People have a choice to eat this, whereas if this was oppressive, people would be forced to eat these sandwiches.

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