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End of Year Event: Lavender Celebration & Awards Ceremony

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally (GLBTA) Programs Office on the U of M Campus celebrates 2010 graduates and award winners this Thursday at the Lavender Celebration and Awards Ceremony!

Time**, Date, Location, and more details are in the flier below!

**this conflicts with our class on Thursday (May/6). I am personally committed to being there and understand that most will not be able to make it to the celebration for this reason.


Take Back the Night


MPIRG presents the Twin Cities 13th annual Take Back the Night rally and march to protest violence in our communities!

The event will include FREE food, entertainment from musicians and spoken word artists, personal testimony from survivors, a march in the Cedar-Riverside area, and a candlelight vigil.

Rob Weekend, Aimee Renaud, Miles Walser, and Heidi Barton Stink will be performing, and there will be speakers from WSAC, Amnesty International, the Sexual Violence Center, and more!

Make sure to check back on this event page for more specific information and the event schedule!

For more information on Take Back the Night, visit OR email us at

Take Back the Night
Friday, April 23rd 6pm-10pm.
Hanson Hall Plaza, West Bank, Riverside Ave. & 19th, Minneapolis


go here for more information or check out the facebook event.

Happy Gender Freedom Day!

The Transgender Commission has declared Wednesday, April 14, 2010 to be University of Minnesota Gender Freedom Day. We hope it is a day where we can openly consider & celebrate the ways in which we all benefit from expanding the possibilities of how we can express our femininity, our masculinity, and our ways of being and being gendered that transcend those concepts.

Download a simple Gender Freedom Idea Kit here. One important question to ask yourself and your class/dept/organization on Gender Freedom Day might be:

"What would it be like if you felt completely free to express yourself, your body and your gender without any consequences, restraints or limits? How would the world change along with this freedom?"

Gender Freedom Day Flier.jpg

Family Values Event at the Law School

I just found out about this great event happening at the Law School on Friday, April 9. It fits very nicely with the discussion that we are having earlier in that week on gay marriage.


Aurora Center

As I talked about in class today The Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education on campus has some great opportunities for volunteering! Something that we are doing which is new is a Men Against Gender Violence Group. I would like to invite all the men in our class as well as any other men that you think might be interested to attend these mtgs! I am posting a link to The Aurora Center and if you have any questions about how to get involved and help end gender violence let me know!

Planned Parenthood Superbowl Commercial

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Julia mentioned yesterday in class that she liked breaking up all of the text of our blog with some images. I agree--the design for this blog is fairly basic. So, with that in mind, I thought I would post the Planned Parenthood Superbowl Commercial here:

If you want to post youtube clips, but don't know how, see my How to Blog, a primer (scroll down to # 13). Also, Ava asked yesterday in class about making text into links--it's in this blog primer too--#11. By the way, thanks for asking, Ava. I am sure there were many other people in the class with the same question.

A great event...

Come check out Michelle's lecture this Monday!


A great event...

Check out this great event by GWSS student, Katie Ernst:


Dorothy Roberts Lecture

dorothy_roberts_2010.jpgCheck out this great upcoming event at the U. We are reading two chapters from Roberts' book Killing the Black Body right around the time that she is here!

What's Wrong with Race-Based Medicine?

Prof. Dorothy Roberts, JD
Northwestern University

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
11:30AM - 1:00PM
Location: Theater, Coffman Memorial Union

Professor Dorothy Roberts, JD (Northwestern University), will discuss how the FDA's approval of the first race-specific drug has generated a heated debate about the scientific and political efficacy of race-based medicine. She will place this debate in the context of health disparities and genetic concepts of race and explain why marketing pharmaceuticals on the basis of race is more likely to worsen racial inequities than cure them. Recognizing that race-based medicine raises both medical and political questions, Roberts rejects the dichotomy often claimed by its promoters that we must put aside social justice concerns in order to improve minority health.

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