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Gay Marriage and Beyond Handout

Here is the extended version of the handout that I distributed in class today. You can also check out the handout after the break and in the links section of this blog (under handouts)...

The actual Revised Feminist Reflection Paper

Sorry about the mix-up. Here is the actual revised feminist reflection paper assignment.

Revised Feminist Reflection Paper Assignment


You can download the revised feminist reflection paper assignment here. Make sure to carefully read the entire assignment. For your reference, here are the basic requirements:

  • 5-7 pages, typed and double-spaced in 11 or 12 point font
  • Must draw upon at least 5 class readings
  • Must draw upon at least 2 blog entries from the course blog
  • Must include works cited page identifying all sources used in paper
  • Due May 6
I have also made the assignment into a link. It is listed under handouts in the link section of this blog (bottom right hand side).

Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you had a great one. Tomorrow we will be discussing Patricia Hill Collins' essay "It's All in the Family" (available on WebVista) and the selections from The Feminist Family Values forum (in our course packet). In case you missed them, here are two important blog entries/announcements that I posted last week:

Tracking Sign-up Sheet

Here is a list of your groups from the tracking the term assignment. Remember that blog entries for groups in Reproductive Rights and Work are due next week. You can file them under "reproductive rights" or "work" categories, which are sub-categories for "tracking the issue" located towards the bottom of the category list.

Position Paper Handout

Here is the position paper handout that I distributed in class on Thursday. Please read it carefully and bring your questions to class on Tuesday. You can also post your questions as comments on this entry.

Handout on feminist debate for today (2.2)

Here is a handout on feminist debate that I will be handing out and discussing in class today. See you this afternoon.


Hi everyone. Here is the syllabus for our class.

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