Shannon's second syllabus reflection

The conversations in our two peer review classes gave me a lot to think about. Reading all of your syllabi also provided a lot of inspiration. I did significant re-writing of the course overview based on feedback and what I heard in the large group discussions. I removed some negative and shame-based language that had crept into my intro. The language was in direct opposition to what I was trying to say! I also got feedback that it might be better to begin with writing and move to more generalized ideas of learning and thinking. Sara also asked me to define "critical thinking." Defining this concept allowed me to talk about some of my broader goals without appearing to wander too far away from the "core" purposes of the course. So the second paragraph was removed.

I thought a lot about attendance policies. There were so many different perspectives on this. Different nuances in language and tone as well as policy. I thought about it quite a bit before returning to my syllabus and realizing there's a pretty clear attendance policy dictated by the course directors. Still, I now have a lot to consider. One of the things I have done is added an extra credit option for attending office hours. I'm also not going to announce it in class but I've mentioned it in the syllabus, incorporating our experiment of getting people to read the syllabus. (I wonder if this is clever, or just annoying)