Mean Little Deaf Queer

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i mentioned on the first day of class that i recently began reading a fantastic book that i think is based on the notion of troublemaking. 

the book is: mean little deaf queer by terry gallaway.
i am only about 75 pages into it now (because who has time to read for fun after classes start right?) but i am really enjoying it. here is a part of what the inside flat says: 

"As a ten-year old self-proclaimed 'child freak,' she acted out her fury at her boxy hearing aids and Coke-bottle glasses by faking her own drowning at a camp for crippled children. Ever since that first real-life performance, Galloway has used theater - onstage and off- to defy and transcend her reality. With disarming candor, she writes about her mental breakdowns, her queer identity, and her life in a silent, quirky world populated by unforgettable characters. What could have been a bitter litany of complaint is instead an unexpecting hilarious and affecting take on life." 

i am very interested to see how this story both troubles and doesn't trouble a whole host of notions including but not limited to queerness, disability, and acceptable social behavior. 

1 Comment

Thanks for posting this Angela. It looks great. Here is a link to my blog entry about the book I mentioned the first day of class, An Interrogative Mood: A Novel?

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