Readings for 2.10


Here's a reminder of what I mentioned in class about the readings for next week:
We will focus our discussion on N'yongo, Singer and Lugones. I have also added Cohen (Punks, Bulldaggers and Welfare Queens) and Crenshaw (Demarginalization) for background reading, particularly in relation to the N'yongo. All of these readings are now available on our Web Vista site. Happy Reading!

So, do you ever wonder what your authors look like? Does it/should it make a difference in how you read a text? Here are Maria Lugones and Tavia N'yongo (I couldn't find an image of Linda Singer).

Maria Lugones.jpg image002.jpg


It may be just me, but I am unable to access the N'yongo reading on WebVista. Rather, all I get is an info page about the article from the library.

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