Superbowl commercials

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Thanks Becky for your last post about the superbowl commercials. We have been discussing them on my feminist debates blog as well. Here is a recent post I made there about the Dodge commercial and a feminist (troublemaking?) response:

Now, the feminist response:

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While I think the Dodge "spoof" ad does an okay job of pointing out the ways in which women are systemically oppressed (i.e. 75 cents to the dollar), it not only fails to disrupt, but actively reinforces traditional gender roles and heternormativity (i.e. I pick up your dirty laundry and watch the game with you). The spoof fails to take into account women who enjoy watching sports, heterosexual couples in which the man routinely picks up after the woman, and all women who are in relationships with other women and thus simply cannot relate to the spoof at all. I think the spoof would have been much more successful if it eliminated references to gender stereotypes & heterosexual couples and instead focused (still humorously & cleverly) on the ways in which our social institutions continue to oppress ALL women, regardless of the sex of their partner(s).

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