And Speaking of Troublemakers...

I think this one just taught his dad something about gender identity.


Wow, this video makes me curious about troublemaking and the queer or not-yet-heterosexual child. There seems to be a lot going on here. What are the troubling moments in this video (who does them, how are they troubling, is that troubling productive/disruptive/transformative)? What is the child doing when they dance to/get excited about the song? Are they disidentifying with or resignifying the "single lady" identity? What about the father--what do we make of his claim, at the end, that he is a "horrible father"? What sort of policing is happening/failing to happen in this moment? What can we do with this moment--can it be described outside of the narratives of the "child" and growing up (a la Stockton)?

Thanks for posting this, Sophie! How did you find it?

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