Big Project Update #1


So if you recall, for my big project I've decided to take the films I'm watching for a film class in the French department and compile a kind of portfolio.  I've been watching the films and basically writing a reaction to many of them.  I think that what makes this particularly fun and interesting for me is that I don't have a specific format for my reactions.  For some films, I focus on one scene, for others I'll focus on a series of scenes, or I'll think about a broader theme or themes.  So each one looks different, and they each deal with what spoke to me in that particular film. 

I start out with writing a bit of an introduction about what I want to get out of this experience and some background.  I'll have a half-point update in there as well, and a conclusion once I'm done.  Film is a genre that is terribly new to me, and so I'm quite uncomfortable with it, and so my aim for this project was to find a way to read and understand film that is comfortable for me.  And at this point, I'm happy to report that I do feel that processing the films in this way has been useful for me, and I hope that what I produce for this big project will be of use later on, if I ever chose to use film in my further research or teaching. 


Awesome! I am particularly intrigued by the fact that you are experimenting with different formats. Will this project be available for classmates to read? Are you looking at all of the films or only certain ones? I can't remember if you are looking just at women, or gender portrayal in general. Anyway, sounds intriguing.

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