Book Review: Teaching to Transgress

Hey y'all,

So I've been working on my book review of bell hooks's Teaching to Transgress since before spring break, and I couldn't figure out what was taking so long.  Then as I was doing the final formatting of the document I realized it is twenty pages long.  Um . . . oops. 

I figured it would make more sense to upload a file attachment than to just cut and paste a ginormous blog entry.  Sara, if this is just too long to be useful and you'd like me to do something else, let me know. 

I'm sure you all are shocked to find that I tend to be a rather verbose writer, since I am so pithy and to the point in all my classroom discussions. :)


Book Review.doc


Thanks for this inspiring review of hooks' book, Elizabeth. Your original review was 20 pages--wow! How was the experience of condensing it down for the purposes of the blog? Did you find it difficult to do? Was it helpful and productive, enabling you to further synthesize your thoughts on the book? Or, did you feel frustrated about not being able to say as much about hooks as you would like? Frequently I try to assign shorter papers as a way to get students to succinctly articulate their ideas. However, sometimes I wonder if it is productive for them--I would appreciate any thoughts you have on the experience. Thanks!

I really like your discussion of theory as liberatory--that chapter is one of my favorites. Would you consider her linking of theory and practice here (and her description of theory as healing) to be a form of troublemaking? What (if any) forms of troublemaking do you see hooks engaging in? Do you think she would claim the title of troublemaker?

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