Hope, Optimism, Happiness and Utopias: Readings for the final 2 weeks

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A few weeks ago we discussed having class at my house on the last week (more details on that soon). We also talked about moving the S Ahmed (for that week) to another time. After looking over the schedule, I have decided to mix up the readings a little for the next two weeks. Here is the new reading schedule:

Wednesday, April 21:
  • Munoz. "Cruising Optimism" (note: I have included the table of contents as a separate document in Web Vista)
  • Munoz. Review the intro to "Disidentifications"
  • Snediker. "Queer Optimism"
  • MLA Forum. "The Anti-Social Thesis in Queer Theory" (note: you only need to read 819- top 828 of the pdf)
  • Laclau/Mouffe. "Hope, passion, politics"
  • Spivak. "The Rest of the World"
Wednesday, April 28:
  • Ahmed, Sara. "Killing Joy: Feminism and the History of Happiness"
  • Ahmed, Sara. "Happiness and Queer Politics"
  • Aristotle. Excerpt from Nicomachean Ethics

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