"Trigger Warnings and Being an Asshole"

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I found a link to this post on feministing and it instantly caught my eye.  Every time I read/hear the words "being an asshole" now, I think of Angela's manifesto: are you making trouble, or are you just being an asshole?  In short, the post is asking about the use of trigger warnings in a blog.  Are they a considerate way to let readers decide whether and when they want to read emotionally taxing material, or are they a condescending way to talk down to your readers?  Read the post, and chime in!

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Thanks for posting this on our blog--it raises so many questions for me about: how to create safe space--is that even possible?; blogging and feminist ethics--how does one act ethically on a feminist blog?; distinguishing between assholes and troublemakers--are bloggers assholes if they don't use triggers or are the assholes if they do?; and what are the differences (and I believe that there are) between things that trigger us and things that provoke us in troubling/productive ways? Can triggers shut down trouble or do they encourage it in different ways? BTW, I will post a pdf about triggers from the Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice Handbook on our WebVista site.

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