Big Project Update #2

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As the semester draws to a close (hurray and gasps of horror!), I'm working on finishing up my big project.  Once it's done, I'll post it on the blog--for anyone that's interested in French film!  It has been really useful and productive, and I'm pretty sure that I'll make use of what I've written later on when I teach.  We even have some oppurutnities while teaching the lower langauge levels as grad students to bring in film, so I think I'll be able to use this (either exactly this or something in the same format) sooner than later!

I, like Liz, have struggled a bit to find a voice that I'm happy with, and I'm still not satisfied, but I think that it's just the nature of the "big project" beast.  I worry that I've gone so far away from academic writing that it's too basic...but still useful, simple words can be useful (I keep having to convince myself). 

I'll reflect more on the project in my "conclusion" section, as I think reflection within the project will be useful for furture film endavors. 

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