Big project update

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I know I haven't been very explicit as to what this final project of mine would look like. I've thought and thought (I tend to do a bit too much of this, without it being followed by any sort of reasonable and/or substantial action). By now, you might have understood that my world revolves around Hedwig's, and that my final project for this course will, one way or another, be related to her disidentifiying inch. When I chose to take this class a few months ago, I was hoping to gather a great deal of ideas, queer my horizon a little further, so as to be ready to set out to my Masters thesis. I am indeed more than ready now (I believe).

Earlier this semester, Sara and I met to discuss this final project. Sara suggested that I write an annotated bibliography, aiming at supplementing the research I had just started for my thesis. I thus embarked on some sort of selection process: I had to come up with eight works that I found the most engaging and relevant to my research. I did a lot of reading, here and there (a lot of it actually coming from the course's assigned readings), and came to the following realization: although I am more fond of certain authors/texts than others, I can't say for now which I am going to make a more extensive use of throughout my thesis. However, what I can say is that with all this thinking and reading, an argumentative line (shall I even dare the plural form? - argumentative lines?) started to shape. Which means that now, I feel ready for a "proper" paper for this class. One of the advantages of a paper being: I can fit more of these greatly engaging authors I've come across. So a paper it will be, oh, what a conventional format.

I can't help but regretting not having had the guts (to avoid using another word) to try more and get over two essential problems, which prevented me from making the most of this class, namely: a very, very old, writer's block - from SMS to thesis, this affliction doesn't spare anything - and a reluctance to embrace "new" means of communication - e.g. emails and blogging. Raechel and Sophie have been doing such a great job with their blogs, it makes me want to re-/deconstruct this confusion (?!), redigest these weird feelings I have about writing a blog, about writing on a blog.

I wish myself, and of course all of you who aren't done yet with their (many?) papers a lot of courage and luck, shall Inspiration be your guide.

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