MIA and soldier Telephone. omg. my brain is going to explode.

So I'm having one of those academic moments when I feel like my brain is about to hurl something pretty important connecting the original telephone video, this version of "Telephone" done by soldiers in Afghanistan, and the new MIA video. I urge you to watch both of these. Super interesting. If I manage to make my brain vomit something coherent, I'll post the resulting blog post:

Afghanistan Soldiers do "Telephone":

(why isn't linking or embedding working for me?!?!)

MIA's "Born Free" (Warning: very violent):

PS: So sad today was my last time together with all of you brilliant wonderful ladies!


Thanks for posting this, Raechel. I look forward to reading your thoughts on these videos (wow, the MIA video is very disturbing).

Holy shit, Raechel. That MIA video was totally intense. Some things I found striking:

1) The last shot where the soldier is looking really disturbed.

2) The red-heads wearing the keffiyeh scarves.

3) The red-heads all look very British to me (tracksuits!), but the soldiers have American accents . . . America's clearly the target audience here.

4) Why aren't there any redheaded women?

Wow. Thanks for posting this, Raechel. Excellent procrastination material.

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