Day four: January 31


The title of today's class is: feminism, mass-based education and social media. We will be discussing some chapters from bell hooks' book: feminism is for everybody and thinking about feminism in relation to education and social media. Before we get into that discussion, here are a few announcements:

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bell hooks, feminism for everybody and social media

I just live-tweeted my prepping and reviewing the hooks for class today. You can check it out on twitter or right here:

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Here's something that I recently wrote about social media: 

Social media isn't going anywhere. We need to develop strategies for critically engaging with it (not just rejecting it). How do we respond to the ever-increasing presence of social media in our lives/classrooms/workplaces? How are social media shaping who we are, what we know and how we know it? In many ways, we are in a social media era where it is not so much a matter of being for or against social media; they increasingly affect us/shape how we are intelligible as consumer-citizen subjects and regulate what information/ideas/products that we have access to. So, the question is not: are we for or against social media, but how can we position ourselves in relation to social media in ways that are more resistant to its harmful effects while harnessing its potentially transformative possibilities? How do we use social media in resistant, transgressive and transformative ways? How do we develop strategies/ways-of-being that enable us to use/engage with social media for our feminist pedagogical-theoretical-activist practices and projects? What role can feminist scholar/educators/activists have in shaping how social media is practiced--in how people are trained to use them? What skills they develop as they post, tweet and update their statuses? 

What do you think of my claim here? Do you agree/disagree? Does my "we" exclude lots of folks? Are there other ways you want to articulate the problem/potential of social media?

In relation to my passage, here are some questions that we could discuss:

  1. How do we frame (articulate/describe) the issue of social media and/or mass media in ways that don't lead to either uncritical acceptance or rejection of it as a tool/medium for mass-based education of feminist principles?
  2. What are the most important issues to consider in our exploration?
  3. (How) can social media be used to spread awareness? What others ways can awareness be spread? How?

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