Day Three: January 26


  • Readings for next week: scroll down to bottom of syllabus to see reading schedule. 
  • Remember that your "what is feminism" paper is due next Wednesday. 
  • Any questions? Event announcements?
Today in class we will continue our discussion about our blog and twitter. I'll go over your blogging and twitter assignments. I'll also answer questions about how to blog or tweet. Finally, you'll break up into groups (3-4) so you can get to know each other and start critically reflecting on feminism/s. 

Small group activity: WHAT IS FEMINISM? 
1. First, spend some time getting to know your other group members by answering (some or all of) the following questions: 

  • Why are you taking this class? 
  • What are your immediate reactions to the term "feminism"? 
  • How is feminism represented in the media/popular culture? 
  • Would you call yourself a feminist? Why/why not? 
  • What kind of impact has the feminist movement/feminist ideas had on your own life or the lives of others? On U.S./transnational culture/politics? 
  • Has the feminist movement been a success? 
  • Is feminism still necessary? Why? 
  • What is a feminist issue? What kinds of issues should feminists be focusing on?
  • What are your experiences with social media? 
 2. Second, now that you have spent some time talking with your other group members about feminism, develop a very brief working definition of feminism. If we have time, we will discuss them in class.  One person should post your group's definition of feminism on our course blog by tomorrow (Thurs, 1/27) evening. You should post it under the category: what is feminism

I encourage you to exchange email addresses with each other. Also make sure to tell everyone your display name/alias and twitter name. 

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